Knowing your Customer Base

Before you even attempt to think of the best ways to improve your service and relationship with your customers, you must get to know them. Learn what kind of customers you have, they’ll have specific wants and desires when it comes to buying a car or dealing with the motor trade as a whole, and your business itself. Do not expect this to last, as the market flows and so will their needs and wants. Learn to see what the market lacks and go from there, maybe stocking vehicles according to what your research indicates your target area is after.

Having a Social Media presence

The internet is integral to society in this day and age, and social media is the perfect way of reaching millions of potential customers in an instant; Facebook alone has over a billion users (that’s a lot of potential customers). Having access to this mass amount of people can do wonders for your business, in expanding, showing off web-exclusive deals and events, and customer support. Maintaining profiles on multiple social media sites can be tricky but can yield great rewards.

Having your own dedicated Site

Social Media isn’t the only way to improve your web presence. Let’s not forget that Google dominates the internet and can be the sole factor in the success (or failure) of a business. Building and maintaining a professional site, and providing it with fresh, regular updates with relevant content and new vehicle listings, will help your site be seen as a useful source of information in it’s given topics. The higher your site ranks in Google, the more traffic it will receive. This benefits your business due to the increased traffic and benefits your customer in that you will be providing them with the information they desire. A site can also be another good place for customer support and reviews. For this I would recommend researching Search Engine Optimisation to ensure you can maximise your site’s benefits.

The Customer is always Right… well mostly

This links in with knowing your customers. The customer will tell you what they want and what they perceive as issues with your business. Not all complaints or reviews will be genuine feedback, so it is your job to sift through the feedback your customers provide you with and incorporate what you learn from the business if it will positively impact your customers response to you and the effectiveness of your company. You won’t always be able to do this however, and in those cases you may lose a customer, even a long-time customer. This can give you a more tailored response on what services and products you can introduce that will make more people relatively happy (and increase sales).

Ensuring you have the right level of Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance might sound simple – you might think you just need to get a basic level of insurance to cover your business in the event of reason X, Y, or Z, but it is much denser than that. It encompasses a wide range of cover depending on the motor trade business you specialise in as well as the three standard levels of cover therein (third-party only, third-party & fire and theft, and comprehensive). To help you navigate this it would be wise to find a motor trade specialist insurance broker, as they will ensure your business has the right level of cover. This means you’ll be able to mitigate much of the costs if products are damaged, faults occur, etc.


Whilst this list is a good start, the key to success is in keeping the ever-changing needs of the customers satisfied to the best of your ability. You will constantly be pushed into new avenues by the feedback you receive from your customers, be it on social media or through their wallets.